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Abdulrahman Mohammad Alqatami , "Hamani" was born in 1998, the grandson of Oum Qais, and the son of Hala Alghanim (Um Abdullah Alqatami , Mrs. Alqatami's daughter) and Mohammad Alqatami.

Hamani was the youngest of five children, endowed with brilliant qualities that granted him a special place in the family.

He was always smiling, cheerful and much liked by his friends. hayatt was founded in memory of Hamani who died after a courageous one - year battle with brain stem Glioma, a pediatric cancer. Abdulrahman was buried in California.

Um Abdullah recalls the story of her son: "We lived in misery, physically, emotionally and financially from the time the pediatric oncologist broke the news about the devastating disease of our little boy. My personal tragedy deeply touched my mother who decided to help underprivileged people with cancer".


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