Our Mission

The mission of Hayatt is to provide charitable funding for the best cancer treatment and for outreach through Kuwait's Cancer Center.

Hayatt provides free, high-quality service and support for those in need regardless of their religion, race, nationality or financial status. While the demands for our services continue to increase, we continue to provide personalized information and support to cancer patients and their families in an atmosphere of warmth and understanding.

Hayatt continues to support prevention and health education and provide lifesaving assistance through outreach events positioning the organization as one of the strongest cancer information and clinical resource foundations in the nation.

The foundation began its mission with the firm belief that we have a social and humanitarian responsibility toward our community and that we can make a difference for the life of cancer patients in Kuwait. After seeing during our frequent visits to the cancer center the increasing number of Kuwaiti women suffering from breast cancer attending the clinics, we decided to make the breast cancer screening program in Kuwait Hayatt's national cause. With the help of two generous philanthropists , committed partners and the ministry of health , the first Hayatt breast cancer screening center was inaugurated on the fifth of March 2012 by Sheikha Sharifa the wife of His Highness the Crown Prince.

This one-of-a-kind utterly special spa-like comprehensive women's health and wellness care center with an exclusively unique setting will focus on diagnostic medical imaging and testing such as ultrasound and digital screening mammography, bone density and health counseling. It is comfortable, soothing and caring, a refreshing change to alleviate women's anguish.

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