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Hope - R.S

I wonder every time I want to write, what to write and from where do I begin. I am not going to write about a dear friend or a love relation, it is rather a story and it is for sure a lovely one. It is better to live with a challenge rather than to live just to live, with the challenge you learn a very important and nice thing in life, HOPE.

Well, dear Cancer, though I don't like you but as long as there is an understanding between us then fine and welcome. If you came into my life to test me, then be my guest. I know you for a long time now, since 2006 when you started in my breast and we ended up with a mastectomy. You thought at that time you defeated me, well I had a very lovely plastic surgery and reconstructed the place you ruined. The battle did not stop there, I knew you will come back even after having the radiotherapy and 8 cycles of chemotherapy. Never mind, you liked the way I was annoyed from the medications but somehow I managed to stay up and look healthy and ignore you. So, I am ready to struggle again. I took and still taking medications of different types continuously with non stop for 4 years now. There are many ways to defeat you; the most important is to ignore you. In fact, who are you? Where are you now? Oh, ok on the bone now. No problem, for four years on the bone and you were very painful most of the times but thank the radiation which helped a lot and the pain killers. I also lost my hearing, my sight became short, and I forgot what the word hair means, nails are broken, no appetite and many other side effects occurred. Actually, I managed to forget most of them.

But, who are you?? You are not death, this is for sure. I might die in a car accident or so, its all God's will. I know that you are my challenge in life but it is worth it. Yes, it is worth it to live for many reasons even with or without you Cancer. There are many more awful things in life than you.

I decided to live with you, with all the strengths and weaknesses I have, with all the faith I have for God and with all the love for my kids. I will live with you my way and your way. I did many wigs with different colors and hair styles so that I can enjoy my new look everyday. I put with each wig different style of makeup to suit it with different style of cloths. I never cared what people thought or what they might say. The challenge was how good I am in hiding your fact; most of the people around me including my kids do not know that I even have you in my life. That's why I will not mention my name. My daughter always admired me and she still does. She wants to study fashion design when she grows up because of my different beautiful styles. What?? Oh yes I can hear you, I am using the best hearing aid, though I cannot swim because of the ears problems but I can sunbath. I could use false nails whenever I don't like my weak ones. I have many other health problems, but I am not here to discuss it with you my dear Cancer. I will only talk about the nice and lovely things I am doing. I am planning to open a small business now and hopefully to expand in the future, also I am working on the reconstruction of my house in my home country. With the help and support of my family and kids and GOD I will accomplish them all.

Dear Cancer, you taught me what hope means and I made you become a looser. Sorry, but you don't have to be the winner always. By the way, I did a very recent operation two weeks ago and I removed my ovaries. Still, many things to come...

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