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Thuraya Al Baqsami

Born in Kuwait in 1951, she attended the college of fine Arts in Cairo from 1972-1974. She completed her BA & Master degree at the Arts institute of Surikov in Moscow, Russia, 1974-1981. Since 1970, she is the journalist and illustrator of several Kuwait magazines and newspapers. She writes short stories, children books and is also art critic.  She is the member of the Very Special International Arts Organization, Washington, DC, USA and the founding member of the European artists association, Essen, Germany. She organized 58 international personal art exhibitions and participated in 250 collective exhibitions, various international biennials, youth festivals and woman conferences in Washington, Beijing, Cairo, Moscow, London, Paris and more...

 She is the recipient of the Award of the European Union of Arts "Prize for Art activities" Prague (Czech Republic) May 2001. She also received in Berlin in September 2001 from the European circle "Franz Kafka" (Prague) the "European Medal of Franz Kafka". The Salvador Dali international Alliance, Czech Republic awarded Thuraya Al-Baqsami in Spain in 2003, the "World Prize of Salvador Dali". In 2006, her poetry "A blue bird in my palm" - "pajaro Azul" was awarded a prize in literature from the Almadina Culture Society, Madrid, Spain. In January 2008, both Thuraya Al-Baqsami and her husband Mohammed Al-Qadiri, the General Manager of Ghadir Gallery in Kuwait received the Trebbia 2007 European Award for the support of Arts and Creative Activities in Prague, Czech Republic and in 2010 the Novo Prize at Hajduboszormeny Symposium in Hungary.

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