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Message of Hope - Um Talal

I was 40 years old when I first noticed a lump in my left breast, I immediately knew it was not good. In a matter of few days the diagnosis was made and when the doctor told me I had a cancer , it was each in turns , shock , horror , fear, panic, anger, worry, denial , scare , devastation, anxiety , confusion , depression , sadness, uncertainty and loneliness ; in a word to me, it was death sentence.

My battle with cancer began; my family and friends who supported me with love helped me realize that life was still worth living regardless of the disease and its pains, showering on me rays of hope. Breast cancer hit me when I least expected it , It came in slyly and changed me and my family life (Kuwaiti family relationships are very strong, family ties become even more welded in adversity). My cancer scare helped prioritize my life too. I was ecstatic because as the years went by, I was convinced I won my battle against cancer.

Seven years after my initial diagnosis, I had a recurrence in the same breast. Devastated but blessed with the unwavering support from my family and friends, the acceptance of my fate was this time accompanied with a strong warrior spirit. I supported bravely two major surgeries a mastectomy and a reconstructive surgery. It was amazing on how I recuperated so fast! Even at the climax of my hardest times, I never lost touch with God, whispering for strength to support my terrible ordeal, and cure. My faith was a major asset, it strengthen me to my own benefit.
Yes there is a life after breast cancer. Here I am sixteen years after my initial diagnosis, proud to be a breast cancer survivor. God in his infinite mercy has granted me so many years to live and I am incredibly blessed and lucky to be here and enjoy precious time with my three children, my adorable grandchildren and my family.

We all have in our inner, the master key to fight against Cancer: possess a strong and innate desire to live and more over live and think positively.

To all my unknown sisterhoods worldwide, suffering from Breast Cancer, I want to provide hope. Do not give up, you are worth to live, fight your Cancer with all your power.

What I enjoy the most now is my volunteer work. I am an advocate for women with breast cancer, dedicated to the cause , spreading my message" NEVER GIVE-UP" , sharing personal experience , hoping that I can inspire other women, encouraging them to search for hope and support to live normal life , give them the will to be , positive , strong and powered warriors.

Rewinding the film of my journey with Cancer reminded me how it was filled with every emotion one could imagine. Gone the race against time, the depressions and the bitter feeling of uncertainty. It was a good fight but what was marvelous, I was the winner!

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